Executive Finance Committee

Lead: Duane Evans, VP of Operations, Port Blakely US Forestry
Staff Support: Cheryl Fambles – CEO, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council

Peter Lahmann

Apprenticeship Coordinator/Instructor, Northwest Laborers Employers Training Trust

David Schaffert

President/CEO, Thurston County Chamber

Jim Larson

President/CEO, Morningside

Cheryl Heywood

Director, Timberland Regional Library

Dr. Jim Minkler

President, Grays Harbor Community College

Kairie Pierce

Labor Liaison, Washington State Labor Council

Duane Evans

Vice President, U.S. Forestry Operations, Port Blakely Tree Farms

Terri Jeffreys

Mason County Commissioner

One-Stop and Program Operations Task Force

Lead: Cheryl Heywood, Library Director, Timberland Regional Library
Staff Support: Corinne Daffern/Mieko Gray

Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month from 9-11 am, unless otherwise noted on calendar.

Task Force Charter

Mike Kelly

Associate Dean for Workforce Education, Grays Harbor College

Peter Lahmann

Apprenticeship Coordinator/Western WA Apprenticeship Coordinator Chair

Don Chalmers

President, Sparrowhawk Consulting

Paul Vertrees

Region 3 Director, DSHS-Division of Vocab Rehab

Yvonne Rivera

Region 3 Administrator Shelton CSO

Schelli Slaughter

Exec Director, Family Support Center

Anne Goranson

Regional Director, Employment Security

Kurt Simmons

Asst. Director of Workforce Development, Goodwill Industries

Randy Luke

Mortgage Broker

Pam Grindstaff

Retired – Community Interest

Victoria Wortberg

Thurston Asset Building Coalition

Special and Targeted Populations

Lead: David Schaffert – President & CEO, Thurston County Chamber of Commerce
Staff Support: Cheryl Fambles – CEO, Pacific Mountain WDC

Revised Task Force Charter


Shelly Willis

Executive Director, Family and Education Support Services

Joe Wheeler

Senior Deputy Prosecutor, Thurston County

Nikki Wegner

VP/COO Morningside

Angela Pendergraft

Resident Services Coordinator – Nisqually Indian Tribal Housing

Mariella Cummings

President, Results Inc.

Jim Kenney

SCSEP Manager, Goodwill

Christina Riley

Apprenticeship Coordinator, NW Laborer Training Trust

Jim Larson

CEO, Morningside

Michelle Andreas

VP of Instruction for South Puget Sound Community College

Youth Services Standing Committee

Lead: Kairie Pierce, College/K-12 Apprenticeship Director, Washington State Labor Council
Staff Support: Stacey Anderson, Youth & Specialized Populations Program Manager – PacMtn

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 16th from 12:30 to 3 at Tacoma Goodwill, 714 so 27th Street, Tacoma

Hillary Soens


Jason Matheney

CTS Services, Job Corps

Krista Milhofer

Project SEARCH Transition Coordinator, Morningside

Bradley Miller

Financial Advisor, Business Owner

Kerry Judge-Kemp

WorkFirst Coordinator, DSHS

Jonathan Whitby

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Department of the Blind

David Charles

Regional Administrator-Division of Community and Parole Programs

Lindsay Taylor

Admissions Counselor, Job Corps

Sarah Oliver

Assistant Director Workforce Development, Goodwill

Mike Hickman

Asst. Superintendent, Capitol Area Educational Services Dist 113

Bob Hitt

Business Owner, Toad Hill Cranberry Farms

Industry Sector and Employer Services Task Force

Lead: Lynn Longan, Executive Director, Mason County EDC
Staff Support: Sean Murphy

Task Force Charter

Dru Garson

CEO, Greater Grays Harbor

Michael Cade

Executive Director, Thurston County Economic Development Council

Lisa Smith

Office Coordinator/HR, Renewable Energy Group

Tiffany Turner

Owner, Adrift Hotel, Pacific County

Duane Evans

VP for US Forestry Operations, Port Blakely Timber

Nancy Estergard

Workforce and Development, Grays Harbor College

Don Sloma

Director, Thurston Health Department

Alissa Shay

Business Development, Grays Harbor Port

Bob Guenther

President, Thurston-Lewis-Mason Labor Council