Retirement of John Clayton and Thank You from Cheryl Fambles

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”    Dr. Maya Angelou

My name is Cheryl Fambles. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Mountain Workforce Council.  On behalf of the Council, the staff who have work on the My Journey Out Beyond (MyJOB) project, and the hundreds of young men and women you have served–thank you.

Using critical funding for DVR transition students, the enthusiasm of your committed JR staff and the wisdom of the principals on those campuses we built a project that helps ensure those coming out of Juvenile Rehabilitation will have a better chance at being contributing members in today’s economy.  Jobs and careers are redemptive and they deserve those opportunities.

Over these many years, I am sure you have thousands of memories of your work, but I hope you will let me leave you with an image that should remind you of what your work inspired.  On December 2, we came to Green Hill to celebrate the first cohorts of graduates from the MyJOB Uplift! training. Members of my Board were there, the student speakers were amazing and the breakfast was delightful.  The room was full of staff and students and even some parents.  When we concluded, it was time for pictures.  The 10 or so young men from Naselle Youth Camp gathered and lined up, in a somewhat orderly fashion; orderly as it gets for teenagers!  They each stood tall with their khaki pants, white tennis shoes and blue polo shirts.  They were proud, tidy and impressive—just what any employer would want.

Here’s the back story and what makes that image SO memorable:  Pat Escamilla told me the night before, after each had been provided new shoes and pants, some of the shirts were wrinkled and one of the young men explained that was just NOT going to be acceptable.  Pat said it set everyone scurrying to find an iron.

That night, pride in oneself drove a few of those young men to learn how to press a shirt.  That’s beyond surviving–that’s thriving with style—that’s believing in excellence.  Thanks for modeling those things for them and for us.  Please accept this gift as a token of all our best wishes in your retirement.